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Islamic Exorcism Title

Introduction of Islamic Exorcism

In the Name of Allah Azzawajal, the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful, it is our duty as Muslims to understand Islam and its rulings on Magic, Sihir, Jinns and the Evil Eye. A lot of people do not understand or accept when their loved one or they themselves are afflicted by magic or jinns, and in turn do not seek proper remedies for their problems.

The Prophet Muhammad (sallalaho-alehe-wasallam) is the most perfect example for all Ummah and has provided guidance for all worldly and otherworldly matters. The same is the case with affliction from black magic, Jinn or evil eye. The practice of removing or curing a person from Satan, Jinns, magic, or evil eye is called exorcism and it exists in almost all cultures and religions. All religions have a concept of ghosts, devils, spirits and evil beings that haunt places or possess people that requires religious healing. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and many other faiths acknowledge magic and have healing practices to counter its ill effects.

In Islam, the correct way to perform exorcism is through Ruqyah which includes specific verses of the Holy Quran and all lawful incantations that Prophet Muhammad (sallalaho-alehe-wasallam) himself told us in Hadith or performed in his lifetime. A prominent Hadith quoted by Imam Muslim in the compiled Hadiths of Sahi Muslim says:

“Present to me those who provide curing by the way of ruqyah. There is no objection with it as long as it does not contain any polytheism”

Also, it is important to understand Islam clearly forbids magic. For Muslims, sihir is haram in all of its forms and there is no good or bad or black and white magic. There are two categories of people; the agents of Shaytan who perform magic, that have Jinns under their control which they use for evil purposes and then the pure souls who believe in Allah and perform Ruqyah. The Prophet Muhammad himself had magic done on him and performed Ruqyah by the will of Allah.Raqis are people who follow this Sunnah of the Prophet and fulfill all the requirements of the Shariah.

Raqis: People whom Allah has Blessed with the Knowledge of Ruqyah

My dear brothers and sisters, it is important to explain why we do what we do and how it is validated by the Quran and Sunnah. At first, it is important to reaffirm our belief that no man holds more power than Allah Izzawojal, who is the Almighty and All-Knowing.

Any Momin Muslim, who believes in Allah, the last Prophet Muhammad, performs his religious duties and holds faith can perform Ruqyah. May Allah guide our Ummah, but a lot of Muslims do not follow their duties as a Muslim these days i.e. they do not pray 5 times a day, do not follow ghusl instructions or have not incorporated Islam in their everyday lives. This is why Raqis are so important to protecting their fellow brothers and sisters.

A Raqi is foremost a believing and practicing Muslim, and has experience as well as expertise in performing Ruqyah. Ruqyah can be performed to get rid of Jinns and magic alike. The magicians of today hold no power against the magnificence of the Quran and a Raqi recites from the Holy Quran to ward off all magic and Jinns. We must understand that the only Supreme Being who holds sway over our destinies is Allah, and while magic exists in the world, the magicians or magic have no power of their own. All that happens is the will of Allah, and we are His humble servants.

Allah Izzawojal says in the Quran, in Surah al Baqarah, verse 102:

“ And from them (magicians) people learn that through which they would cause separation between a person and his spouse, but they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah's leave”

[QURAN 02:102]

Manifestation of Sihir/ Jinns/ Evil Eye

Magic and Jinns are interlinked entities, as magicians access the other dimension where Jinns and Shaytans exist in order to perform sihir. And Allah has forbidden accessing such knowledge, whichmakes magic an act of Kufr and defiance of Allah.

To protect ourselves and our families from the Kufr and Sihir of magicians, it is important to know what magic looks like and how it affects people. Another attack or affliction on our beloveds can come from the evil eye.

All of this manifests as diseases or sicknesses in the human body or mind. The modern world believes that all forms of sicknesses are either medical or psychological, but as Muslims we must also believe there is a paranormal dimension where magic and evil eye exists. All of this can cause medical disorders in human beings and while modern medicine is helpful in resolving medical problems, only spiritual healing can resolve paranormal afflictions.

According to Islamic healing, Islamic Exorcism, Raqi (Islamic healer who is practicing Ruqyah) can Mashallah not only gracefully treat paranormal disorders caused by demon, black magic or evil eye but all kind of deadly medical diseases. As mentioned in the Holy Quran

"We (Allah azzawajal) sent down in the Quran that is a healing and mercy for who do believe."

[QURAN 17:82]

This begs the question what do people afflicted from magic or evil eye suffer from. There are many reasons why magic is used, and what purposes people use it for. Similarly we must seek the refuge of Allah from the evil eye of every jealous person that may cause us harm. We have compiled a brief list of signs of affliction from either of these evils:

  • Envy: loss of material possessions, health and prestige
  • Separation between Man and Wife
  • False Love
  • False Appearance of Objects
  • Lunacy and Madness
  • Lethargy
  • Nightmares and Voices
  • Illness

Exorcism in the Quran and Hadith

The Holy Quran compares the state of sinners at the Day of resurrection to the state of those made crazy by the Devil or Evil. Please see the following verse:

"Those who takes Riba (interest) will stand at the Day of judgment like a person beaten by Dvil (Satan) leading him to insanity…"

[QURAN 02:275]

Most of the famous Islamic scholars such as Al Qurtabi cite this verse (Surah Baqarah: Ayah 275) as a proof against those who deny the possession by Jinn or ascribe it to natural causes, or those who claim that the Devil (Satan) cannot enter any human body nor does he touch them.

There are a few narrations that the Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his followers expelled evil beings from the human bodies of believers using Quranic verses, Supplications to Allah Azzawajal, Hijama and Holy Zamzam water. Following example is related by Yaa la ibn-e-Murah:

I saw Muhammad (Peace be upon him) do three things and none of us before or after me saw. I was traveling with him. On the way, we passed by a women sitting at the roadside with a boy. She called out to Muhammad (Peace be upon him) “O Messenger of Allah” My boy is afflicted with a trial and from him we have also been afflicted with a trial. Many times per day he is seized by fits. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: Give him to me, so she lifted him up to the Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

He “Muhammad (Peace be upon him)” placed the boy between middle of saddle and himself, opened his mouth and flew in it 3 times with saying “I am slave of Allah, get out enemy of Allah! Then he gave boy back his mother and said: Meet us when we return at this same place and inform me how he is. When we returned, we found her at same place with 3 sheep. Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) asked “How is he” She replied: “By Allah who sent you with truth” we have not seen anything in his behavior up to this time.

[Musnad-e-Ahmad 04:170] and al-Haakim declared it authentic.

Contacting a Raqi/ Islamic Exorcist

My dear brothers and sisters, a Raqi is simply the Waseela on Earth as per the will of Allah to rid us of evil eye and magic. These are pious Muslims and follow Quran and Sunnah to help their fellow brothers and sisters.

It is understandable and acceptable for any Muslim to try Ruqiyah as per authentic Hadiths themselves. If you feel as if you lack information or are unable to rid yourself of the evil eye or magic, you can contact a Raqi.

We have explained in detail what a Raqi’s beliefs and purposes are, so you must take precaution and make sure you are not falling into the trap of sorcerers, magicians or fake healers. You can judge and expose these fake healers or magicians by their actions:

  • You need to definitely avoid them if they ask your mother’s name. Only sorcerers and black magicians ask for that and people who haveMuakkil (Jinn) under their command. As per Sunnah and Hadith, a stranger has no use for knowing your mother’s name
  • If they ask your birth date, used cloth, hair, nails or any items of personal belongings. Your clothes have your scent so do your nails, and any Jinn can recognize that scent and track you down. This is the work of a sorcerer so beware and never share any personal item.
  • If they right any Talisman, symbol or unreadable text with or without Quranic verses, leave them.
  • If they use sands, knife, lemon, nails, bones, egg, flower, blood, away from them.
  • If they ask you to do something wrong like slaughtering a black animal.
  • If they don’t practice prayers at Masjid 5 times a day. A Raqi must follow the basic commandments of Islam and pray, fast, recite the Quran accordingly. A few of the magicians also practice prayers to show people but this farce can easily be exposed by their other activities.
  • If they ask for too much money or any other expensive stuff leave them. The work of a Raqi is to help people by the will of Allah, and not gain material possessions.
  • If you feel that the person is very dirty like smell form his clothes, hairs and body, it means he is not keeping himself clean. A Muslim performs wuzu (ablution) 5 times a day and maintains Taharat which is important in Islam.

There are many other ways to expose magicians or false healers, but these should suffice.

At this point we must also declare what a Raqi might do or suggest for Ruqyah, but these are all lawful activities supported by Islam. These include:

  • Recitation of the Holy Quran
  • Using Hadith
  • Using the Zamzam water
  • Reading the Quran and blowing on water
  • Reading the Quran and blowing on olive, ajwakhajur (date palms), honey and herbs/oils

May Allah Subhan o Tala guide the Ummah and protect us all form the evil eye, jinns and sihir and make us a waseela for helping our fellow Ummatis.

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