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Angels in Islam

Angels in Islam

Angels are created by Allah as HE has created every creature on earth and heaven. They are created to worship ALLAH and to carry out his command. They are genderless. They do not disobey ALLAH as it is not in their nature. They don’t have pride in their nature. Believe in the unseen angel is also the part of Islamic believe.

Angels in the Holy Quran

As angels are always busy in carrying out Allah’s command some of them are discussed in the Holy Quran with their duties. Their names are as follows
Jibrael: has the duty to convey the message of Allah to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Israfeel: has the duty to blow the trumpet at the Day of Judgment to mark that the Day of Judgment has come.
Munkar and Nakir: they have the duty to ask questions from the souls in the grave about their deeds and faith.

These are the few names of angels that are being discussed in the holy Quran.

In Arabic language angels are called as mala'ika. The Arabic word used for angels is mentioned eighty times in the Holy Quran.

Faith in the unseen

No one has seen angel as they are created from a substance that cannot be seen from human eye. Muslim believes in the existence of angels because Allah told them to do so.
The evidence of their existence was provided by the Holy Prophet himself as an angel named Jibrael conveys the message of Allah to the Holy prophet and Allah has also mentioned their existence in the Holy Quran they are the faithful servants of Allah.

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