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It is compulsory for a Muslim to pray at least five times a day. These prayers are called as SALAH in Islam. It is the way through which a man can address to ALLAH directly without any mediator.

Prayers are offered behind imam

Islam has no priest so the prayers are simply offered behind an imam who is a learned person who knows Quran and mostly they are hafiz means they have memorized the Quran. The prayers contain verses from Quran and these prayers are offered in Arabic language in which the holy Quran is revealed. In the end of the prayer one can address to ALLAH in his respective language.

Each and every prayer is directly listened by Allah

The prayers are performed by facing the direction of Holy Kaaba this act means that a person is turning his face from each and every thing on earth and just facing towards Allah in order to address Allah. As it is the way through which a Muslim can directly address to Allah that is why each and every prayer is heard directly by Allah.

Timings at which these prayers are offered

These prayers are offered at sunrise, afternoon, mid-afternoon, when the sunset and at nightfall in this way these prayers regulates the whole day of a Muslim. It is preferably better for a Muslim to offer the prayers in the mosque with other Muslim but a Muslim can offer the prayers anywhere either in a park, in his office, or at home but it is compulsory that the place where a Muslim is offering his prayers should be neat and clean. Beside these five prayers there are some other prayers that are offered by a Muslim at their rituals. The prayers offered at different occasions are entirely different from the daily prayers. The prayers offered at rituals are to ask guidance, help and forgiveness or to express their feeling of happiness in front of ALLAH.

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