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Testimony of faith shahadah

In order to understand the first pillar of Islam that is Shahadah Muslim scholar have listed seven conditions. One must fulfill those seven conditions to acknowledge the sovereignty of Allah.


Knowledge about Allah who is worship by a Muslim is compulsory to understand Islam. Knowledge in the religion Islam means accepting Allah as the only creator and God of the whole universe, heaven and hell, the only GOD of being worshipped and non other shares this power with him.


They believe in Allah must be free from every doubt that he is the GOD of whole universe, heaven and hell and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah.


Acceptance of sovereignty of ALLAH and as well denial of all kinds of shirk.


One should submits himself to Allah and should perform all the good deed just for Allah in the light QURAN and Sunnah without any greed of gaining praise from any one.


Truthfulness means to perform each and every requirement of Islam truthfully. Fulfilment of these requirements truthfully leads to the path understanding oneness of ALLAH and achieving knowledge about ALLAH.


Means having sincerity in worshiping ALLAH all the acts of worship should be devoted to Allah alone. The aim behind every act of worship is to dedicate the act purely to ALLAH in order to gain HIS pleasure.

The love of ALLAH and the love of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

This means that one should love Allah and his Messenger more than anything else. It also means that one should love each and every thing that is loved by Allah and his messenger and hates each and every thing which is hated by Allah and his messenger.

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