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Mary in the light of Quran

Muslim gives a lot of respect Mary and loves her. Mary called Marium in Arabic she is one of the most famous women in Islam and one of those eight persons who have a chapter of Holy Quran after them. She is the most righteous and chaste women, who was the virgin mother of Jesus. She was the daughter of Asia, the wife of Pharaoh.  The story of Mary stated in Quran from the time when she was in the womb. Her mother dedicated the child in her womb in the service of Allah.

The Jesus

Mary gives birth to Jesus who was the Prophet of Allah who was the messenger of Allah as TORAH was revealed to Moses, the GOSPEL was revealed to Jesus. He was provided with many miracles like he can heal the blind and bringing the death back to alive but he performs these miracles by the will and permission of Allah. The miracle of Jesus was when Allah makes him talk when he was very small lying in his cradle. Like all the prophets he was a Muslim who teaches to worship only one Allah.  According to the holy Quran Jesus was crucified but not killed by any means, but “God raised him unto Himself”. According to Quran (in verses 15 and 33) Jesus is blessed on

“The day he was born and the day he will die and the day he is raised alive”

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