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Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH)

Allah has created human for a noble cause that is to worship Allah and to lead a pious life. A man cannot be able to understand the reason why he has been created and what Allah wants him to do without getting clear revelation from Allah for this a prophet is needed. A prophet is a messenger of Allah who conveys the message to mankind. 

The last prophet of Muslims Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) was born in Makah. Till the age of forty he was known as a trustworthy (Al-ameen) man among the people. Muhammad used to go to a cave in mount HIRA .He went there for meditation and prayers alone and with his family also. At this cave sometimes he spent whole night in deep thought and communication with ALLAH one night during these times an angel came to him and told him that you are a messenger of ALLAH sent on earth to provide knowledge to people of what Allah wants from them. After getting the message from Allah Prophet Muhammad started his mission. 

Mission of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

He started his mission from those who are attached to him and tried to stop them from those nasty practices of their forefathers. After Khadijah his wife ,Ali khadijah’s cousin they met Abu talib the brother of his father and told him about the religion of Allah but abu talib refused to left the religion of his for fathers but told Muhammad no one can injure you till I am alive. For three years prophet Muhammad struggled and quietly delivers his teachings to people to deviate from the worship of idols but they have personal greed and attractions in following their old religion. As a result of this three years of struggle only thirty people were converted to Islam and now the scenario has been changed due the change in the relations of citizens of Makah with HOLY PROPHET. After a long history of pain and struggle the religion ISLAM was spread all around Saudi Arabia by our HOLY PROPHET (BPUH).

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