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Seventy Major sins in Islam

The bad deeds that are considered to be the major sins in islam are as below
Doing black magic
Not offering the obligatory five prayers
Not paying Zakat
Leaving the fast during the month of Ramadan without any reason
Not performing hajj
Disrespecting parents
Breaking the ties of relationship
Payment of interest or taking it
Taking up property of orphans unjustly
Lying about Allah and Holy Prophet
Running from battle field
A ruler deceiving his people
Arrogance and pride
Drinking such kind of beverages which contain Alcohol
Slandering innocent women
 Take advantage of or stealing from the money of war and from the money of the Zakaat
Manipulating the money of inheritance or taking the money which belongs to another
Highway robbery
Taking false oath
Committing cruelty
Imposing illegal taxes
Committing a suicide
 Being a permanent liar 
Being unjust
Taking or giving Bribe
Women appearing like men and vice-versa
Being a pimp
Marrying for the purpose of making a woman allowable for
Not keeping clean from the remains of urine
Showing off
Acquiring knowledge only for worldly gain or concealing knowledge 
Breaking of someone’s trust
Reminding people about our act of kindness
Spying or listening someone’s private conversation
Rebellion & charging of Unbelief
Spreading harmful tales 
Cursing others
Breaking or not keeping promises
Believing in astrology
 A rebellious wife towards her husband
Statue and picture making
On mourning doing deeds such as tearing each other clothes or pulling each other’s hair
Being unjust
Exploiting weak, wife animal or slaves
Being harmful to the neighbors
Causing harm or abusing other Muslim
Trailing one's garment in pride
Causing harm to the Friends of Allah
When men wear silk and gold
Running of slave away from his master
Sacrificing animal in the name of other then Allah
Claiming to be ones father falsely
Arguing for showing off not for seeking knowledge
Stopping of extra water from flowing to others  
Fraud in dealing
Denying fate
Eating pork or drinking blood
Being hopeless from the mercy or help of ALLAH
Habitually not performing Friday prayers
Teaching errors or producing errors
Plotting and evil scheme
A Muslim brother pointing a weapon towards another brother
 Abusing any of the companion of the Holy Prophe

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