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Symptoms of Demonic Possession Title

Symptoms of Demonic Possession

There are several reasons why a possession can take place. The possession is like sickness and it may be minor where the diseased feels some symptoms of possessions or it may be major and the afflicted loses all of his/ her senses, wills and personality. However, Allah Subhana’o’Taala has promised in Quran al-Hakim:

“Allah does not burden one more than can bear”

[QURAN 2:286]

The difference between being afflicted by magic and being possessed by a Jinn is the visibility of the damage. In magic, there are no beings or symptoms being shows, but when possessed by a Jinn, the Jinn will show itself. It is akin to a person calling out for attention and the way they express themselves is harmful to the human body and mind.

Brothers and sisters, there is a physical world and a spiritual and metaphysical world. The diseases of the physical world are cured by doctors who become experts in their field but the diseases of the spirit are cured by experts of the metaphysical world. There is a difference between mental illnesses and possessions by Jinns. An authentic Raqi can easily tell the difference based on the symptoms but every Muslim should be able to classify an authentic case of possession by going through the following checklist of symptoms.

There are countless symptoms of possession, but some are highly noticeable. If you or a loved one suffers from the following, you should either learn Ruqyah Shariah through Hadiths and Sunnah or contact a Raqi:

  • If the doctors cannot diagnose the disease or the diagnosis keeps changing and the person does not seem to be getting any better
  • Possession can come in half phases or full. It depends on the control of body and senses. A person might lose some control or total awareness of their actions and words based on the severity of the case
  • There is inner possession which is a loss of senses, feeling disoriented, having hallucinations and untoward experiences in their mind
  • Outer possession in which a person loses control over their bodies and has little to no memory of their own self
  • The physical symptoms are sleep paralysis, body being jerked around, and loss of movement control
  • Being abducted and waking up in another place
  • Being afraid of their own reflection
  • Restless sleep with dreams of drowning, being asphyxiated and/ or falling from heights
  • Dreaming of animals especially lizards, snakes, cow, lion
  • Increased libido or sex drive for unmarried individuals causing wet dreams. Bachelors will start taking an interest in unlawful romance and Zina.
  • If the person being possessed is married and the Jinn is a lover, the person will lose interest in their spouse/ partner
  • If the Jinn is a Hindu, the person possessed will avoid eating meat and refuse to shower
  • Jinns who wish to become lovers will show their presence during sleep and leave marks on the person’s bodies
  • If the person being possessed by a lover Jinn does not leave their partner, the Jinns seek to destroy them socially, medically and financially
  • A clear sign of a possessed individual is when they are doing well before being married or engaged, but afterwards they feel emotionally disturbed, detached and slowly lose control over their bodies, minds and assets. This gradual destruction of a person’s life can be the work of a vengeful Jinn.
  • The symptoms for a believer who used to pray and follow Islam include inability to pray, aversion to the Quran and disliking Azaan or Quran recitation
  • For those who are not practicing, the symptoms include being led completely astray. Such a person will no longer maintain their “taharat” (hygiene by performing ghusl, ablution), will enjoy music but dislike religious recitations, act upon their lusts and refuse to show humility to our Lord Almighty.

There is no set criteria for looks, or gender and anybody can fall prey to possession. Women are at more risk due to their monthly cycles when they need to stop praying, their soft natures that makes them more emotional, and easy to scare all of which attract Jinns but with the help of Allah Tala all evil in this world can be beaten. It is our duty to remain strong spiritually and fight evil at every corner, protect our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters at every cost and believe that no more harm can be done to us except for what Allah has willed.

Ruqyah is the Islamic way of curing possession by Jinns. Any Muslim believer with heart full of faith, one who lives according to the will of Allah and hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallallahoalehewa’alehewasallam) can perform Ruqyah and treat themselves. In the absence of this staunch faith, there are Raqis who have studied Quran and are knowledgeable regarding Ruqyah as per Hadith, Sunnah and Quran and they should be called upon the same way we call upon doctors for physical diseases.

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