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Key of Prophet Solomon Title

Key of Prophet Solomon (Alihissalam)

The miracles that are granted to prophet Sulaiman (Alihissalam) by ALLAH Azzawajal

Allah crowned Sulaiman (Alihissalam) with various favours and blessings. Sulaiman (Alihissalam) was sheltered from (The heat of the scorching sun by a canopy of multitudes and colourful birds that kept fluttering over him.

The green carpet was his aerial means of transport which flew jubilantly over the submissive winds to distant places in no time. Sulaiman (Alihissalam) the wealthiest king of all times, whose armies were recruited from men, jinn and birds.

For his sake Allah produced a fountain of molten brass which kept Mowing for three days and three nights every month. During his reign untold treasures of precious stones, gold, and silver were accumulated with the help of the servile jinn.

Shortly after the accession of prophet Sulaiman (Alihissalam) son of prophet Dawood(Alihissalam), he proceeded to a beautiful valley between Hebron and Jerusalem where he received his authority over winds, waters, jinn and animals from the four guardian angels in charge of these spheres.

The jinn also assisted Sulaiman (Alihissalam) in the construction of many buildings. Various relics of these admirable operations are pointed out in Arabia, Jerusalem and other places. Sulaiman (Alihissalam) is also credited for the foundation of a Mosque in Alexandria.

Masjid Al-Aksa formerly called, 'the temple of Sulaiman ' is said to have been built by blocks of stone which were hewn by means of a miraculous pebble called Samur (samir) which a jinn named Sakhr procured from the sea eagle.

Sulaiman (Alihissalam) inherited prophecy and wisdom from his father, Dawood(Alihissalam). Esoteric knowledge the only knowledgeable of the whereabouts of the treasures and it is He who decides whether to reveal them or to let them conceal. Allah's plan is the best.


Allah conferred to Sulaiman (Alihissalam) such powers over nature and jinn by virtue of a most wonderful gift that came down to him from heaven. It was a blessed sealing ring, upon which was engraved the greatest name of Allah. The greatest name of Allah is known to only the elects of Allah.

Now the four angels in charge of wind, water, jinn and animal respectively, gave Sulaiman (Alihissalam) a jewel which he placed in his ring having the form of a six-pointed star. This form are often inscribed on the Muslim drinking cups and it was currently inscribed on the Islamic coins from the early Ummayad times. His blessed ring was composed of the metal Brass and Iron.

Sulaiman (Alihissalam) would issue commands to the good jinn by stamping the brass part of the ring, whereas with the iron part he would stamp his written commands to the evil jinn or devil. The pre-Islamic Arabs usually exclaimed, 'Iron! Iron! (Hadid ! Hadid!) or, 'Iron! Thou unlucky!' (Hadid! Ya Mashum!), to defend themselves against the jinn. It is supposed that the jinn had great dread of the metal- Iron.

This apprehension disturbing so much the jinn had its roots from the powerful command of Sulaiman (Alihissalam) who used the Iron part of his ring to perish the evil jinn.

However the most potent and infallible weapon against the devils beholds by all the Muslims unanimously is the uttering of the words, Allahu Akbar (Allah the Greatest). This mighty weapon will always work wonders against the devils.

Sulaiman (Alihissalam) imprisoned the evil jinn in laden vessels and they were hurled in the Red Sea which was assigned by Sulaiman (Alihissalam) as a place of incarceration for the demons.

When the queen of Sheba departed with twelve thousand kings each king having with him thousands of armies to meet Sulaiman (Alihissalam), the latter said:

" O, Nobles, which of you will bring to me the throne of Bilqis before they come to me submitting?"

One among the jinn named, Ifreet, answered:

" I will bring it to you before you shall rise from the place wherein you sit to judge from morning until mid-day, for I am able to do it and trustworthy with respect to the jewels the throne comprised of."

The magnificent throne of Bilqis had a length of eighty cubits and breadth of eighteen cubits. The height of the throne was thirty cubits and it was made of gold and silver set with fine pearls, rubies, chrysolites and emeralds. Upon it were closed seven doors.

Only three miles remained for Bilqis and her people to call on the prophet Sulaiman (Alihissalam) and Ifrit said he would bring the great throne of Bilqis before Sulaiman (Alihissalam) would rise from his place, but the prophet wanted a much more speedy work.

The aim of bringing the throne of Bilqis in the palace of Sulaiman (Alihissalam) before the coming of Bilqis is to test the ability of the queen as to whether she would recognise her throne despite they would change the looking of the throne.

Consequently, the Wasir of the king Sulaiman (Alihissalam), Asaf-bin-Barkhiya who had knowledge of the revealed scriptures and was acquainted with the most great names of Allah and permission to use the ring of Sulaiman (Alihissalam) on which was engraved the greatest Name of Allah was vouchsafed to him, invoked Allah and said to Sulaiman (Alihissalam):

Look at the sky.' So he looked at it, then withdrew his glance and found the throne of the queen of Sheba placed before him.

This was so, because as he was looking the sky, Asaf prayed Allah by mentioning His greatest Name inscribed on the ring and by the will of Allah it so happened! The throne passing from under the ground until it emerged before the throne of Sulaiman (Alihissalam).

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