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Islamic Philosophy and theology Title

Islamic philosophy and theology

Islamic philosophy

Islamic philosophy means to connect with the problems of life. There are many philosophers some are Muslims some are non Muslims.non Muslim like Yahya ibn Adi which is a Christian has contributed in the Islamic philosophy. Ibn al-Rawandi and Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi philosophers they use their philosophy to attack on Islam. Islamic philosophy is intimately connected with Greek philosophy, though this is often a relationship which may be exaggerated. Theoretical queries were raised right from the start of Islam, queries that might to an explicit extent be answered by relevance Islamic texts like the Quran, the practices of the community and therefore the ancient sayings of the Prophet and his Companions

Islamic theology

Islamic theology is a name of discipline and it belief only in the system of Islam. There are many sources for the study of Islamic theology. Of foremost importance is that the Qur’an itself Muslims believe that the Qur’an is that the literal word of God (Arabic Allah) and also the end result of God’s revelation to humans. Muslim students refer to Islamic theology as ‘Elmul-Kalam’ which accurately suggests that ‘the science of rational discourse. The basis of Muslim belief is stock-still primarily within the al-Qur'an then the authentic Hadith. Just like the Shi’a, the Sunni theology was originally based mostly alone on the narration of the al-Qur'an and therefore the Hadith.

Differentiate Between Islamic Theology & Islamic Philosophy

The main distinction between theology and philosophy is that a scholar believes in one thing and so endeavors to rationalize his belief to achieve intent on those that don't share constant belief with him. Whereas a philosopher is sorting out the reality is based mostly strictly on his sound reasoning with none commitment to his religious texts. Thus, a theology’s presents his rationality in accordance to his religious beliefs whereas a thinker interprets his religious texts in line with his rational findings.

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