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Online Ruqyah Service

In the Name of Allah Tala’ Azzawajal, the Almighty One, Most Magnificent and Merciful, and Hakim of all. No mere human being, Jinn or magician holds any power except for which Allah permits and that is why all Islamic Exorcists believe we do not cure people, the cure only comes from Allah. All that we can do is follow the Sunnah of his most beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallalahuwalehewasallam).

Exorcism is the practice of removing the ill effects of sihr (magic) or jinns. We call magicians and these evil beings agents of Iblees or Shaytan who seek to cause harm to the faithful. Exorcism exists in many religions including the other two Abrahamic religions: Christianity and Judaism. In Islam it is called Ruqiyah Shariah as it is practiced by reciting verses of the Holy Quran, making Dua to the Almighty Allah and the lawful incantations that our Holy Prophet (sallalahuwalehewasallam) taught us in Hadith. Ruqiyah is an Arabic word for these incantations and Quranic verses.

As per Imam Muslim in Sahi Muslim, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said:

“Present to me those who provide curing by the way of ruqyah. There is no objection with it as long as it does not contained any polytheism.”

Human beings are afflicted by medical, psychological as well as paranormal causes. Today, the Ummah no longer reads the Quran or Sunnah and is largely unaware of the risks and threats that Jinns and Sihr pose to an Ummati. For medical problems, a doctor will help relieve the stress. For paranormal issues, a Raqi – a person who performs Ruqiyah based on authentic Hadith and Quran- can heal (with the Grace and Will of Allah Almighty) the mind and body of those who have been with affected by black magic, evil eye or Jinn.

Raqis carry the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and are blessed by Allah:

As mentioned in the Holy Quran

“ We (Allah azzawajal) sent down in the Quran that is a healing and mercy for who do believe.”

[QURAN 17:82]

Contacting an Exorcist

Ruqiyah can be performed by any Muslim with staunch faith in Allah. A Muslim who abides by the laws laid down by Allah Subhanatala for a pure life, a spiritual life and absolute believe in His commandments. Any Muslim can educate himself or herself and perform Ruqyah themselves.

In case a person does not have enough knowledge of Ruqyah or is unable to perform it, they can contact a Raqi. I personally provide Ruqyah services both in person and online. Ruqyah is nothing but the word of Allah, spoken by an Abdullah (man who belongs to Allah) in earnestness. It works gradually as the person suffering from Sihr or Jinn possession heals, as the effects of Jinns and Sihr fades away due to the blessings of Allah.

There are three ways to contact me and get Ruqyah performed:

  • I can be contacted in person in Masjid baet-ul-Hamd, Khayam Chawk, Near Baloch Hotel, North Karachi. Mosques are one of the most loved places of Allah and I am available from Zuhur till Asar.
  • If you are not in Karachi, you can invite me where you live if you can afford the travelling expenses.
  • If an invitation to your house and visit to the mosque is not possible, you can avail my Ruqyah Services via Skype. A Ruqyah session via Skype costs $20/ session and a minimum of 3 sessions need to be placed in the schedule. Each Ruqyah session lasts between 30-45 minutes.

All cures, be they medical or paranormal are from Allah. A doctor or a Raqi is simply an agent of Allah performing their duties in this world. One should, however, take precaution when contacting Raqis. Not all those who claim to be Raqis or exorcists are Muslims or following Quran and Sunnah. There are people who willingly perform acts of Kufr by practicing magic, using Jinns, muwakilats and taweezat. Some are fake and have no real knowledge about Islam or Islamic Exorcism.

You can pinpoint sorcerers and agents of Shaytan that pose to be Raqis if:

  • They ask the name of your mother. Only those perform Sihr (magic) or have a Muakkil (Jinn) will ask such a thing. Owning Jinns is forbidden in Islam and practicing Magic is akin to practicing Kufr.
  • They ask for your date of birth, zodiac sign or something that belongs on your body (nail, hair, used cloth)
  • Use Talismans, taweezat, symbols, unrecognizable txt which is not Quran or objects such as sand, knife, lemon, nails, bones, eggs, flowers, blood etc.
  • Slaughter animals of a certain color such as black
  • Do not pray the 5 daily prayers, fast and practice the tenets of Islam
  • They ask for expensive gifts, or exceeding monetary compensation
  • Do not maintain Taharat or cleanliness and smell bad

There are lots of ways of identifying magicians and fake people.

You should contact authentic Raqis and the key is to make sure they are good proper Muslims and only reading Quran. Raqis speak clearly and with authority that Allah has bestowed upon them. In the end, only Allah has Power over all and we will all return to Him. The job of a Raqi is to heal and help his fellow brothers and sisters, and fight against evil eye, Jinns, and Sihr.

Exorcism in the Quran and Hadith

The Holy Quran speaks of the Shaytan/ Iblees in clear terms. Iblees is the cursed Jinn who wishes to bring harm to the believer and the Holy Quran compares the state of sinners at the Day of resurrection to state of those that have been made crazy by the Devil’s touch.

"Those who takes Riba (interest) will stand at the Day of Judgment like a person beaten by Devil (Satan) leading him to insanity…"

[QURAN 2:275]

Islamic Scholars and Ulema such as Al Qurtabi cite the verse above to educate the Ummah about the very real dangers of the Jinn. There are those who do not believe in phenomenon such as the Evil Eye, being possessed by the Jinn or Sihr. Keeping in mind that Hazrat Sulaiman (alehesalam) ruled over Jinn, that the Prophet Muhammad (sallalahuwalehewasallam) was afflicted by magic and that Quran itself speaks in clear verses about the possession of Jinn in (Surah Baqarah: Ayah 275) and revealed Muwazatain to cure the Prophet Muhammad of Sihr should be proof enough for all Ummatis.

Supplication and Prayers to Allah, verses of the Quran and Holy Zamzan have been used by the Prophet Muhammad (sallalahuwalehewasallam) himself as well as his followers Sahaba Karaam to expel Jinns and agents of Shaytan from human bodies.

Yaa la ibn-e-Murah narrates:

I saw Muhammad (Peace be upon him) do three things and none of us before or after me saw. I was traveling with him. On the way, we passed by a women sitting at the roadside with a boy. She called out to Muhammad (Peace be upon him) “O Messenger of Allah” My boy is afflicted with a trial and from him we have also been afflicted with a trial. Many times per day he is seized by fits. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: Give him to me, so she lifted him up to the Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

He “Muhammad (Peace be upon him)” placed the boy between middle of saddle and himself, opened his mouth and flew in it 3 times with saying “I am slave of Allah, get out enemy of Allah! Then he gave boy back his mother and said: Meet us when we return at this same place and inform me how he is. When we returned, we found her at same place with 3 sheep. Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) asked “How is he” She replied: “By Allah who sent you with truth” we have not seen anything in his behavior up to this time.

[Musnad-e-Ahmad Volume: 4, p.170] and al-Haakim declared it authentic.

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