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Vinegar Title


Vinegar is a liquid consisting mainly of acetic acid and water. Vinegar is now mainly used as a cooking ingredient, but historically, as the most easily available mild acid, it had a great variety of industrial, medical, and domestic uses, some of which (such as its use as a general household cleanser) are still promoted today.

Vinegar in Quran

Vinegar is not mentioned in Holy Quran.

Vinegar in Hadith

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

"A household which has vinegar will never suffer from poverty"

[Narrated by Umm, Tirmidhi, Baihaqi]

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

"Vinegar is a comfort for man"

[Sahih Muslim]

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

"Allah has put blessing in vinegar, for truly it was used by the Prophets before me."

[Narrated by Ayesha, Muslim and Ibn Maja]

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

"The best of condiments or condiment is vinegar"


condiment is any seasonings used to enhance the flavour of food; salt or pepper, spices for example.

The Prophet (s.a.w.s.) was reported to have once remarked that vinegar was the seasoning of all the prophets who came before him.

Prophet Muhammad (saws) liked vinegar.

"The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, took me one day with him to his house. He was served some bread. He asked: 'Is there any dip?' They replied 'No, only some vinegar.' He said, 'Vinegar is a good dip.'"

[Jabir narrated]

Jabir used to say,

"I have loved vinegar since I heard it from Allah’s Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)"

Naf'a said,

"I have loved vinegar since I heard it from Jabir."

[Muslim, Abu Dawud, Nasa’i]

Few treatments by vinegar

Date is termed to be a laxative food. This is the reason that dates are beneficial for people suffering from constipation. For getting the laxative effect from dates, you need to soak dates for one full night in water. You should consume these soaked dates in the morning like syrup to get their actual advantages.

Intestinal Disorders:

Vinegar is Useful in well functioning metabolism; Reducing cholesterol (the dangerous LDL cholesterol type); Regulating the water content in the cells and body; Reducing water retention in the body; Reducing excess sodium from the body; Helps with regulating blood pressure; Assists in preventing circulatory problems; Helps with diminishing premature calcification of the arteries; Helps increase concentration and memory; Assists in blood circulation, body temperature as well as vitality and energy.

Vinegar is both cold and hot, nearly balancing between the two. Mixed it with rose water, it is an excellent remedy for toothache and headache. Vinegar dissolves phlegm. Modern medicine also acknowledges its anti-cough, anti-inflammation and digestive properties.

Vinegar for black magic or demonic possession

The victim of blackmagic uses 3 whole lime or ½ cup of apple cidar vinegar for every bath as a cure to black magic. Either during the day or the night the victim or any pious muslims should recite the following daily with intentions “Ya Allah Plz destroy all the magic, its items and all the evil influences on me and protect me from any future attacks”:

‘A-OO-ZO-BILLAAH, ‘A-OO-ZO-BILLAAH, ‘A-OO-ZO-BILLAAH, LA E-LAHA EL-LAL-LAAH [I seek refuge with Allah, I seek refuge with Allah, I seek refuge with Allah, There is no God worthy of Worship but Allah] – 33x

YA ALLAAHU YA MUMEETU [O ALLAH O The Destroyer(of evil) ] – 33x

Take a deep breath and blow into a bottle of water and a bottle of vinegar and about 7 whole black pepper seed. The victim should drink one glass of recited water once or twice daily, rub the vinegar all over his body or atleast areas of pain and sickness and deeply smell the recited black pepper seeds and eat them daily. This can be done at different times like drink recited water in mornings, smell and eat black pepper in evenings and rub the recited veniger all over the body before going to bed at night to cure black magic or demonic possession.

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