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Islamic Exorcism Title

Introduction of RUQYAH SHARIAH

Jinns have existed since before Allah Azzawajal created the first man Hazrat Adam (alehesalam). Iblis himself was one of the Jinns and their kind is built from fire, which shows their true nature. Jinns are one of Allah’s most powerful creations but they caused too much chaos. Humankind has been given the title of Ashraf-ul-Makhluqat because of their precedence over Jinns and all other creations. This is because of our faith in Allah and our oath to never fear or obey anybody or anything except Allah. We are Allah’s vicegerent on earth, and Jinns are below us when it comes to the blessings of Allah.

Nevertheless, Jinns are powerful beings and Muslims pray to Allah and seek refuge from both Jinns and Sihr, evident by the meaning of Muazatain and:

Auzubilla hi minashshaitanirrajeem

Surah Al Nas and Surah al Falaq are two Surahs that were revealed to cure the magic performed on our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). The first instance of magic came to the city of Babylon as per the will of Allah. It was a test for the people that those who succumbed to the temptations of power failed.

AMagic itself, cannot do any harm except by the will of Allah. But the magicians are deprived of the blessings of Allah in both this life and hereafter. A true Muslim, therefore believes that magic exists but does not seek it and when afflicted by either Jinns or magic, seeks cure in Quran and Sunnah.

Ruqyah in different religions and types

All Abrahamic religions believe in the existence of demons or jinns and magic. In Christianity only an ordained priest can perform exorcism using religious scripture, prayers and religious sacramental. In Judaism, a Rabbi can perform exorcism by invoking the word of God and reciting prayers. In both these religions, the prayers are made to Allah- the One and Almighty- and therefore both Christians and Jews are able to cure their diseased.

Ruqyah is performed in 4 ways:

  • Using Muwakilats or Jinns: This is forbidden in Islam and is actually considered Shirk to seke help from Jinns

  • Taweezat: Amulets are also considered a form of Shirk as per the Hadith of Prophet (Peace be upon Him)

  • Shirkia: Casting magical spells, invoking the name of Shaytan or anybody else is also forbidden

  • Islamic Ruqyah: By using Quranic verses and names of Allah, by following the Sunnah and adhering to the conditions set forth by the Prophet himself, we can perform authentic and permissible Ruqyah

In Islam, exorcism or Ruqyah was initially prohibited by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). It was reported by Hazrat Jabir Bin ‘Abdullah (raziallahtala’anha) that Ruqyah was prohibited but then some people from the tribe of ‘Umr Bin Hazam came to see the Prophet and said, ” We have a ruqyah that we used to use for scorpion and snake stings; but you have now prohibited using ruqa”. They showed the Ruqyah practice to Huzur (sallalahualehewasallam) and he said:

‘I do not see anything wrong in it. Anyone among you who can benefit his brother should do so.’

It is clear that Ruqyah when it meets the religious conditions set by Allah and told by His Prophet are acceptable. Also, it is our duty to perform Ruqyah and help our brothers and sisters in need. This is the main reason why Raqis devote their lives to carrying out this most needed Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet and help our Ummah.

Conditions for a Permissible Ruqyah

Ibn Hajar (raziallahutala’anha) provided us with a summary of the conditions that must be met to make Ruqyah permissible and in accordance with the teachings of Islam. All the Ulema also have consensus on the following three conditions:

  • To be with Allah’s words or His names and attributes
  • To be in Arabic or of an intelligible meaning
  • And to believe that they do not have effect by themselves but by Allah
[Fath ul Bari 10:240]

In this section we will shed light on each of the conditions above:

1. Must Be with Allah’s Words, Names, or Attributes

We study Sunnah, Hadith and Quran to learn Ruqyah and it is clear that Ruqyah in Islam consists of specific portions of the Quran or praises, recitations and invocations in the name of Allah and Allah alone. Raqis may recite Surah Al- Fatiha, Ayat-ul-Kursi or the Muwazatain. In addition they may call upon Allah Azzawajal, and ask for His help and protection.

2. Must Be with Clearly Understood Words

Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran. When performing Ruqyah, specific Surahs are recited which most Muslims know. This is a very important condition, to either speak Arabic – the words of Allah in the Holy Quran- or a language that is clearly understood. This is to ensure no magic is involved and nobody is mumbling magic under their breaths. A true Raqi speaks with clarity and authority.

3. Believing That the True Benefit Is from Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla)

In Surah Ash Shuara Allah Azzawajal narrates when Hazrat Ibrahim (alehesalam) says: “And when I am ill, it is He who cures me”

No matter who is performing the Ruqyah, the cure only comes from Allah. Man himself holds no power, and no amount of piety, prayer or authority can undo magic or affliction from Jinn. The claim to cure people is often a false one and if anybody, even a Raqi makes this claim he has committed shirk. Even those that belief this claim are believing what the Shaytan and magicians want them to believe.

Things to avoid in a Ruqyah

1. Shirk

‘Awf Bin Malik al-Ashja’i (RA) narrated that he said to the Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him), “O Allah’s Messenger! We used to apply ruqa during Jahiliyyah. What do you think of that?” He (Peace and Blessing upon Him) replied:

‘Present your ruqya to me. There is nothing wrong with them as long as they do not involve shirk.’


Ibn Mas’ud’s wife Zaynab (RA) narrated that he saw on her neck a string and asked her, “What is this?” She replied, “It is a string on which a ruqyah was made for me.” He cut it off her neck and said: “You, family of Ibn Mas’ud, are in no need for shirk. Truly, I heard Allah’s Messenger (Peace and Blessing upon Him) say: ‘Indeed, ruqya (that involves shirk), amulets, and tiwala, are all acts of shirk.’ She said, “Why do you say this? I was having spasms of pain in my eye; so I went to such and such a Jewish man, and whenever he treated it with ruqyah, it soothed it.” He replied: “That is the doing of Satan. He (Satan) pokes it with his hand; and when the ruqyah (shirk) is applied to it, he removes his hand. It would have been sufficient for you to say what Allah’s Messenger (Peace and Blessing upon Him) used to say: ‘Athhib il-ba’s, rabb an-nas, washfi ant ash-shafi, la shifa illa shifa uk, shifaan la yughadiru saqama.’

Meaning:‘Remove the affliction, Lord of the people, and cure – You are the one who cures, and there is no cure except from You, a cure that will not leave any sickness.’ Recorded by Abu Dawud; judged hasan by al-Albani

[Sishkat ul-Masabih No. 4552]

The Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) explicitly prohibited all magical ruqya. Jabir reported that the Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) said: ‘Nashrah (a magical spell done to counter another magical spell) is of the doing of Satan.’ Recorded by Ahmad and Abu Dawud. Verified to be authentic by al-Albani.

[As Sahihah No. 2760]

2. Seeking Ruqyah from Magicians or Soothsayers

There are lots of agents of Shaytan in this world looking for ways to lead mankind astray. Some of those agents come in the form of healers when in fact they are magicians and soothsayers. It is important to reject all forms of magic and never seek help from a magicians. A false magician has no power, lies about his ability and pretends to know the cure when all he really wants is monetary or worldly benefits. A real magician is more harmful as he commits kufr and might ask the same of you. He would rely on Jinns or Shaytans and perform satanic spells all of which are forbidden by Allah and His Prophet (Peace be upon Him) One may never go to a magician for help, regardless of whether the magician were true or false. False magicians are liars who pretend things to attract people’s awe, money, or both. Abu Hurayrah (RA) reported that the Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) said:

‘Whoever goes to a soothsayer or fortuneteller and believes in what he says has indeed rejected that which has been revealed to Muhammad.’

[Sahih ul-Jami No. 5939]

Recorded by Ahmad and al-Hakim. Verified to be authentic by al-Albani

[Sahih ul-Jami no. 5939]

The Quran says:

“The magicians can never be successful.”

[Quran 20:69]

“nor can they benefit anyone.”

[Quran 2:102]

This clearly indicates that only Allah has the power to cure our afflictions and there is no reason to seek help from anybody who Allah condemns. This is why Ruqyah cannot be sought from magicians. Because of all of this, and from the rule established earlier that Allah did not make our cure in anything that He prohibited, we clearly conclude that it is not permissible at all to seek a Ruqyah from a magician.

3. Avoiding Ulema and Scholars who make use of Jinns or Sihr

Perhaps the biggest challenge this Ummah faces is distinguishing between Ulema that follow Deen, Quran and Sunnah and those that break Our Sacred Covenant with Allah Almighty. Brothers, Jinns are free creations that Allah has hidden from our naked eyes. Hazrat Sulaiman (alehesalam) had requested Allah Azzawajal to grant him a kingdom that none had before him and none would have after him. Allah gave him reign over animals and Jinns alike, and only he could control them. After him, no soul can or should control Jinns. The Holy Prophet himself never controlled, owned or sought help from a Jinn. No Companion, Imam or Prophet other than Hazrat Sulaiman (alehesalam) ever controlled Jinns. Yes, the Prophet, Companions and Imams met Jinns and cast out evil ones by performing Ruqyah but they never asked Jinns for help in any manner. This is why Ulemas and Scholars that claim to control Jinns are either lying or committing a grave sin. It is forbidden to seek help from anybody except Allah, as that is shirk and Sihr is forbidden altogether.

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